If you would like to join Ashford Athletic Club, please read this page, then email us at and we will be in touch!

Renewal membership fees are due on 1st January for this year, and membership will run until 31st December 2024.

When the club membership subscription is paid each First Claim competing member is automatically registered to England Athletics and each member will receive a competition licence, or have his or her current license reactivated. Note that If you are under 11 years old, there is no England Athletics affiliation fee. This is because you cannot compete for the club in competitions until aged 11.

The England Athletics registration fee is £19.00 this year.

If you are competing early in the season, it is particularly important to make sure that your membership subscription is fully paid so that we can make sure that you are properly registered to England Athletics. England Athletics will not reactivate the licence of any athlete whose membership registration is not up to date. This means that if you have not paid your membership subscription, you will not be able to take part in any club activities.

There is a list of membership rates here.

All athletes pay a small training fee (currently £3.50) on the nights that they train.

You would normally join the club as a first claim member, training and competing in League Teams and Championships. This means that Ashford AC is either your only club, or your main club, and we are responsible for passing on your England Athletics registration fee.

You may wish to join as a second claim member if your main club is a distance away or if perhaps they don't support all of the events that you want to take part in. As a second claim member you can't compete in championships for us and as such we are not responsible for passing on your England Athletics registration fee.

If you have any membership enquiries, please send an email to:

FANS (Free Access for National Sportspeople)

Please read our FANS policy here. We have reduced training fees from £3.50 to £2.00 per session for club first claim and second claim members who are signed up to the FANS scheme. We will need to see your FANS membership card to verify the end date. If you are already signed up to FANS, then log into the Ashford AC Club Membership web site and register your FANS end date in your membership details.  This will ensure that you receive the FANS training fee discount.

Training T-Shirts and Competition Vests

Ashford Athletic Club is a Competitive Club. The Training T-Shirts have been introduced as part of a broader strategy to make the club more professional and cohesive. The T-Shirts help to engender the sense of commitment and team spirit which is very important for any club but particularly so for our younger junior athletes who are not eligible to compete in our main league matches. The club competes in many competitions across several leagues: KCAA Sportshall for our younger juniors who wear the training T-Shirt when they compete, KCAA for Cross Country, KYAL, SAL, YDL (U17/U20) and SVCAC for veterans. Except for the younger junior competitors, all athletes who compete for the club must wear our distinctive yellow vest with a black vertical stripe at competitions.

Please see the suggested kit list here.

Membership subscription rates for 2024

Here are the renewal and new members' subscriptions for 2024. The membership ‘year’ runs from January 1st to December 31st.

We offer an optional black training t-shirt to all athletes when they join Ashford AC and when they renew their subscriptions. The cost of this is £10.00 for Juniors and £12.00 for Seniors.

Membership Type Subscription Early Bird discount for renewals if paid before 4th Mar 2024 England Athletics Affiliation Fee
Individual subscription prices per person
Under 11 Individual £50.00 £45.00
Under 11 Individual (competitive) £50.00 £45.00 £19.00
Junior Individual - age 11 to 16 £50.00 £45.00 £19.00
Senior Individual - age 17 to 59 £55.00 £50.00 £19.00
60 and over £27.50 £22.50 £19.00
Full-time students (see note below) £0.00 £0.00 £19.00
Second Claim £30.00 £30.00
Family subscription prices per person. A 'family' consists of 2 or more persons.
Under 11 Family £45.00 £40.00
Under 11 Family (competitive) £45.00 £40.00 £19.00
Junior Family - age 11 to 16 £45.00 £40.00 £19.00
Senior Family - age 17 to 59 £50.00 £45.00 £19.00

Note that students must be aged 18 or over and should be in full time tertiary education (i.e. College or University etc.) and living away from home. They pay only the England Athletics affiliation fee from the January following their September/October start at Uni or College.

All prices quoted are per person, so the total cost for a senior including affiliation fee would be £50.00 + £19.00 + optional training T-Shirt (£12) making a total of £81.00. For a family consisting of 3 juniors, then the total cost including registration fees would be £192.00. Note that under 11s do not pay the England Athletics affiliation fee.

2024 Renewals

You can renew your Ashford AC membership online. Click or tap on Renew Membership (above) if you are already logged in, otherwise log in and then go to Renew Membership.  If you renew your membership before 29th February 2024, your membership subscription will be discounted by £5.