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24 Shortcuts To Your New PB (Preview)

November 26th, 2009 by Suzanne

By Matthew Ray, November’s Runner’s World

We asked the experts for the 24 best ways to transform your race performance – and push your personal best into new territory (non-subscriber preview)

Start racing faster

“To improve your time, you’re going to need to run faster throughout the race, not just at the finish. Many racers start too slowly and then end up running too quickly at the end. You need to get up to race pace earlier on and stay there. The key thing is to get your warm-up strategy right and include some faster 200m sections where you take longer strides to drive your heart rate higher. Practise your warm-up routine before the race so that you can get it right on the day.” Mick Woods, GB athlete coach

Run off-road pyramids

“Beating your PB requires pure leg speed as well as endurance. You use more muscles running off-road, (more…)