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AAC’s March 2010 Newsletter

March 23rd, 2010 by Suzanne


Youngest member – Congratulations to Julie Stuart-Smith, the Club’s Treasurer, who had a lovely baby boy, James Gordon.

Walking Coach - Chris Hobbs has started his race walking coaching on 4th February 2010. Sessions will take place once a month on a Tuesday for beginners and an improver’s session once a month on a Thursday – please see website for full details.
Coaching for these athletes will take place in Lanes 1 and 2 on these days so please make sure that you read all the notices on the notice board when you attend for training to check the lane rules for each training night.

Snowman Competition - Thanks to everyone who entered the snowman competition – there were some really fabulous entries. The prize for the first entry received was awarded to Callum Burgess. The Judges then looked at all the entries and awards were given as follows:
1st Prize – Mary Coleman
2nd Prize – The Bamfords
3rd Prize – Callum Burgess
Thanks also to Ciara Ewart, Daniel Steadman and Brendan Foster for their entries and also to Ted Hawkins – did anyone guess correctly: how did Ted write in the snow on his roof?
Photos are on the website as well as on the noticeboard next to the chute at the Stadium.

Sportshall – At the sportshall competition in Ramsgate, AAC took part with good performances & pb’s from both teams. The U13s girls team 1 won and the (more…)