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Athlete’s Guide to University Athletics – A new University Guide for Athletes, which has been produced by a small working group in the south including staff and volunteers has just been released.

As you will be aware, we face a large drop-off in athletes around the ages of 18-23 (like many sports). Whilst the retention issues at this age group go wider than just university, it is hoped that the guidance and information provided here will help to reduce that drop-off to some extent.
AAA Common Standards – Click here for the AAA Common Standards Scheme which covers Track & Field Standards for performances for all British Athletics.
UK Athletics – Eat & Drink Like a Champion: A resource that provides guidance and advice from UK Athletics for athletes, coaches, clubs and families to help aspiring talent in terms of nutrition and hydration. Click here

Guide to Training in the Winter (Dec ’08 Runners World)


UK Athletics on-line newsletter with information for athletes, coaches and volunteers including athlete interviews, events roundup and interviews with top coaches. Access it through the link in our news page. Alternatively click here for all e-Inspire editions on the UKA website.


Julie Rose Stadium’s website –

PodPlus (sports shop and injury clinic at the Julie Rose Stadium) –

UK Athletics – - official website for UK athletics.

England Athletics – www.englandathletics.orgwebsite for athletics’ governing body aimed at athletes, officials and coaches with a full list of current coaches’ and officials’ courses available and national competitions for athletes along with information relating to Sportshall

South of England Athletics Association –

Kent County Athletics Association –

Jenny Brown’s website – for all your running kit and accessories.

Sports Coach UK –

Canadian Athletics Coaching Centre –

On Track Athletics –

Runners World UK – is an on-line magazine especially aimed at endurance runners. It offers advice on everything from race tactics to nutrition.

Brian Mac Sports Coach –

Kent Sport Leisure and Olympics Service – - follow AAC’s Vicky Silk on the website for the
International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation - online information for runners including motivation for long runs, the importance of running goals and beating boredom while running – view AAC athletes’ profiles on the Power of 10 site


10 Ways With Breakfast from Runners World magazine


LOVEAGREATOFFER which provides links to special promotions, vouchers and discounts in Ashford. (this company is a sponsor of AAC)

England Athletics Facebook 5k leaderboard – athletes are encouraged to share their latest 5k times. The page can be accessed via

Instand video playback – For those of you with iPad or an iPhone 4, there is an App called Excelade, which enables the recording and playback of video clips. These can be played at variable slow speed, ghosting and side by side analysis. Angles can also be added and the end result can be sent by MMS and e-mail. The App is available for a free 30 day trial, or the full version can be purchased for £6.99. It looks a most useful tool for immediate playback/feedback.