Open Meeting 2010

August 2010 : Julie Rose Games 2010 – Successful day for Athletics

ASHFORD ATHLETIC CLUB enjoyed lovely sunny weather for their first Open Meeting where over 250 athletes participated in 21 different events in a very relaxed atmosphere. AAC welcomed a team from AC Zele in Belgium and athletes from all over Kent, London and some from Portsmouth and Cardiff. It was very exciting to watch 2 nationally ranked discus throwers whose PB was over 50m and the pole vault competition went on for nearly 4 hours. The 1k and 3k race walking events were very close and there were numerous entries for the high jump and long jump events. AAC were delighted when over 50 athletes entered the 1500m, the event in which Julie Rose competed, and in whose name the Open Meeting was being held. Medals were awarded for participating in the event by Joyce Rose, Julie Rose’s mother, who enjoyed meeting up with so many current and past coaches and athletes who had attended to enter this event. In particular Jenny Brown, one of AAC’s most successful athletes attended the Julie Rose Stadium especially to enter this event to commemorate Julie Rose.

After a slow start with on-line entries, momentum started to build over the last 2 weeks, reaching over 120. Another 130 or so athletes arrived on the day, including athletes from Belgium, making all events very competitive. Many PBs were gained by Ashford AC members and others took the opportunity to have a go at a range of different events.

Photos & Results

Track results are available here.
Field results are available here.
Photos can be found here for the general photos and here for the 1500m medal awards here. AC Zele have kindly provided us with a link to their photos which can be found here. If you have any which you want to be posted here please forward them to

DE Photos were present at the event and all the photos taken can be found and ordered from their website.

Thanks to all who helped

Events of this kind cannot go ahead without a lot of support and thanks go to the time keepers, track officials, field officials and all the athletes who helped at the Entries Desk: Tom Snare, Patrick Duncan, Andy Robertson, Blake Robinson, Warren Uden and Entries Desk coordinator Lucy Holmes. Particular thanks go to David Fox, our Field Judge, and Ray Clarke, the Track Referee, Andrew Huxley, Francis Dimech, Chris Hobbs, Kate Funnel, Amelia Jones, George Huxley and Laura Trehern, our track officials, Derek Seamon, our starter, Paul Wheeler, the marksman and Peter Gilham, Penny Jed, and Vic Hatley, our timekeepers. In the field Derek Laws and his team worked for nearly 4 hours at the pole vault, John Bancroft at the High Jump, Pat Hanys and Fiona Sime at the long jump, Jo Purkis, Phil Heathfield, Jennie Matthews, Ted Hawkins, Pam Lowe, Liz Barrett, Helen Lynch, Suzanne Stuart-Smith and many parent helpers worked hard on the field measuring distances and jumps. Kate Dickinson was our recorder for the day along with Luke Smallwood from Just Timing. The range of events for athletes in under 11 age group was co-ordinated by Jaqui Snare who runs the Julie Rose Juniors at the Stadium.

“Team Open Meeting” – Stella Bandu, Lucy Holmes, Mary Holmes and Dominique Huxley, spent months preparing for this event and are delighted that everyone had a fantastic day and are grateful to all the support they received from Club members, their parents and family members as well as support from further afield.