Givaudan 10k 2009

The 2010 Givaudan 10k will take place on Sunday 10th October at 10am.

2009 Givaudan 10k

The 2009 Givaudan 10k race was a huge success with over 950 registered to race and 833 runners passing through the finish line. Results for this race can be found here. The race was opened by Nick Leavey, silver European medal winner for 4x400m, who admitted that he would not be able to run 10k himself but said he had great admiration for all those who were running through the streets of Ashford.

Our enormous thanks go firstly to our sponsors who provide much needed funding in order for the race to be run. This year AAC had to account for the additional cost of policing the event. In addition to their sponsorship funding, Givaudan entered three teams of athletes on the day, Ashford International Hotel provided reduced rates at their hotel for our competitors and County Square provided the Children’s Fun Run with a pack for the top three competitors in each race.

Well done to everyone who completed the race – there must have been lots of sore feet and legs in Ashford and the surrounding areas on the following day. So many people were running to raise funds for charity and it was great to see so many teams of friends, family and people who work together turn out for this purpose, as well as so many serious runners.

AAC had a number of successes on the day – Matthew Hogben won the local man’s trophy and Kate Austen was the local woman’s winner. Andrew Welch made the 10k in tremendous time and was the second runner back through the finishing line at the Julie Rose Stadium. AAC’s men’s team, Andrew Welch, Matthew Hogben and Robert Dennis, came third place and the women’s team, Candy Hawkins, Lesley Hall and Hazel Davis came fourth. Well done to everyone who took part. It was a fantastic day.

Listed below are all AAC registered runners, their place and times:

2nd – Andrew Welch 0032.45
15th – Matthew Hogben 0037.09
26th – Robert Dennis 0037.57
31st – Warren Uden 0038.21
37th – Andrew Robertson 0038.38
46th – Phil Heathfield 0039.10
55th – Matthew Iles 0040.12
59th – Jack Wreathall 0040.21
78th – Kate Austen 0041.12
95th – Ryan Powell 0041.51
119th – Candy Hawkins 0042.39
128th – Ian King 0042.50
155th – Lesley Hall 0043.46
217th – Hazel Davis 0045.41
269th – John Norman 0047.19
308th – Yuko O’Donoghue 0048.38
431st – Gary MacDonald 0052.15
458th – Julie Morgan-Dobson 0052.53
553rd – Isabel Dickinson 0055.39
645th – Miriam Hill 0058.35
720th – Edward Vawe 1.01.23

Our thanks also go to our hard working team of volunteers – the marshalls, the bottle and medal handlers, the late entries desk, our fantastic track official Mary Davison, and to Mr Davison who assisted with recording, Ted Hawkins the carpark director, Dave Fox for sparing the time in a busy day to join us and helped at the funnel, Kate Dickinson for being a marshall and the rock that we needed on several occasions when things went slightly awry, the multi-tasking Whiskin family who helped with the marshalling, late entries, water stations, handing out medals, marshalling the children’s fun run, and the halfway water station, Graham Funnell for all the announcing throughout the morning and the final bit of announcing the winners with wit and clarity, the Jakeman family who staffed the baggage area, John Bancroft who took on many roles, Penny Jedrzejewski who was our sole timekeeper for the race, Derek Laws who was chief setter upper and funnel manager, Mike Mein who took on a number of roles, Claire Le Rossignol who was on the late entry desk which I understand was manic, to Andy Smith and his wife Margaret who organised the marshalls, Fiona Sime who was marshalling somewhere in Ashford, Brian Cumming who gave up his day to report and take photos, to Tom Snare, Kate Funnell, George and Jack Huxley for medal and water duties, and finally to the quartet – David Jedrzejewski, Peter Le Rossignol, Natalie Whiskin and Paul Jakeman who have lived the 10k for the last 10 months or so, thank you for keeping the sponsors happy, coordinating all the volunteers, the Police, the electronic timing people, medals, water, health and safety issues, and all the many other roles they took on. AAC has an amazing group of volunteers who all came together and deserve a huge pat on the back and the thanks from all the athletes that benefit from the fundraising monies of the 10k.

For results of previous years Givaudan 10k races please visit the official Givaudan 10k website

Photos of the set up and some members of the AAC staff at the 10k race in 2009 are below: