Sportshall Athletics

Sportshall Athletics was created in 1976 to enable young athletes to continue to enjoy athletics during the winter. Ashford Athletic Club incorporate Sportshall Athletics as a vital part of their Young Athlete Development Pathway and enter a range of Sportshall competitions.  

Please contact Peter Le Rossignol for more information on Sportshall Athletics opportunities with Ashford Athletic Club and Julie Rose Juniors  on 01233 557125.

Sportshall Athletics…
•Is fun, bright and colourful
•Provides safe, indoor and enjoyable multi-skill activities
•Appeals to young people, parents, coaches and teachers alike

Sportshall Athletics was created in 1976 by George Bunner so that youngsters at his local athletics club could continue to train indoors on dark winter nights. Sportshall became so popular that a format for competition soon developed and the first UK Championships were staged in 1980.

Originally developed for the 12–15 year age group, George has continued to improve and develop the concept. Sportshall programmes now cater for youngsters aged 4 to 16.

There are five key factors at the heart of the Sportshall concept

Enjoyment- It is believed that children learn most effectively through play and positive experiences. Sportshall programmes are most definitely designed to be fun!

Fair Play- Sportshall promotes fair play at all times. It is appreciated that children make mistakes and so penalties may be incurred, but disqualifications should not be considered.

- Having recognised the need to “take the stadium to the people”, Sportshall programmes are designed to be flexible and appropriate in a broad range of facilities.

Potential Talent
– Future stars are protected through the provision of activity that places the emphasis on team performance rather than the promotion of individuals.

– All round ability is encouraged in the view that specialisation at an early age should be avoided.

•Promotes and encourages multi-skills development – e.g. agility, balance and coordination (ABC’s)
•Ease of introduction assists the non-specialist PE teacher and non-qualified teaching support staff
•Enhances the teaching of athletics
•Suited for use within Physical Education and After Schools learning environments
•Encourages high levels of participation and provides opportunities for all-abilities
•Offers competitive opportunities at primary and secondary ages
•Supports the transfer age providing an introduction to the secondary school and opportunity to report results
•Significant opportunities to involve Sports Leaders in delivering activity and competition
•Complements the county development model supporting club links, club activity and county squad work

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There are 3 parts to Sportshall:
(see the bottom of this page for a video showing what’s involved in Sportshall and its background)

Agility Challenge

Agility Challenge introduces young people to the skills, fun and variety of Sportshall, through the provision of safe, multi-skills activity. Agility Challenge supports and encourages young people in developing a broad set of skills relevant to all sports. The programme incorporates ten activities:

Balance test, standing long jump, speed bounce, target throw, hi-stepper
Chest push, vertical jump, shuttle run, foam javelin, standing triple jump

Sportshall Primary

Sportshall Primary provides the ideal format in which to introduce young people to athletics and multi-skills competition. Whilst the Agility Challenge offers a structured approach to the teaching of skills and introduces some elements of competition, Sportshall Primary significantly enhances the experience…

• Introducing young people to competition in a fun team based format
• Encouraging mass participation with teams including up to 30 children
• Promoting local delivery through a programme of cluster and SSP events

Standard formats are recommended for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. The provision of opportunity for comparatively large teams to represent a school is a key factor in the success and appeal of Sportshall, with the focus placed firmly on the achievements of the team and the importance of supporting each other.

Sportshall Secondary

Sportshall Secondary retains an emphasis on team competition whilst also encouraging athletes to develop individually. The focus on key skills, coupled with the inclusion of individual races and the addition of shot putt reinforce the relevance of Sportshall for those athletes preparing for the outdoor season. Standard formats are recommended for Years 7 and 8, with an option of boys and girls competitions being scored separately enabling single sex schools to compete on an equal footing.

Parents Code of Conduct

A new AAC Parents Code of Conduct has been created for 2012 and can be found here and on every team page under ‘Competition’ on the club’s website. AAC_Parent_code_conduct_2012

Kent Sporthall Champs U15 girls

Kent Sporthall Champs U15 girls

Kent Sporthall Champs U15 girls

Kent Sporthall Champs U15 girls

Sportshall Dec 09 Champs

Sportshall Dec 09 Champs

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