Developing Young Athletes Pathway

Ashford AC has a policy of long term athlete development. Principles of the programme are:

To give young athletes a broad introduction to the sport
- Athletics for All
- Facilitate progessive development
- To guard against the risks of training too hard, too early, and overspecialising too soon
- A positive and enjoyable experience
- Athlete centred coach led

Below is a summary of how we will aim to respond to the needs of athletes at recognised stages of their development. It is recognised that not all athletes will join at under 11. Equally, those who join later may already have strong preferences in what they events they want to do.

Stage one- Julie Rose Juniors

The Ashford A.C Julie Rose Juniors sessions run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights from 5.00 – 6.15pm. It is run by Ashford Leisure Trust, who work alongside Ashford Athletic Club in promoting athletics for young people in school years 5/6. It currently has over 120 members, with youngsters of all mixed abilities, throwing, jumping and running. The aim of  Julie Rose Juniors is to prepare youngsters as a feeder into Ashford Athletic club.

Julie Rose Juniors is an enrolled course, and can be booked only through the Julie Rose Stadium. For more information about Julie Rose Juniors, please contact Peter Le Rossignol, Community Development Manager Ashford Leisure Trust on 01233 667125

Stage two: Development Groups ( aged 11-14/15)

After an appropriate period athletes will move through to Development Groups. These are designed to continue the broadly based training, but ease the progressive introduction of more specialised training in the athlete’s chosen event group(s).

During this period athletes will be given an opportunity to work with a range of coaches, from a range of disciplines. The key principle guiding this approach is the desire to equip athletes with a wide range of athletic skills and to exercise a high degree of informed choice. Development Coaches will act as a constant reference point through this phase and enable a successful transition to specialist coaching groups.

Stage 3 Specialist Coaching Groups (aged 14-15+)

Progressing towards full specialisation. This may take several years and building upon relationships and programmes established in the Development Group phase. Remember everyone is an individual and will develop at their own rate.

Parents Code of Conduct

A new AAC Parents Code of Conduct has been created for 2012 and can be found here and on every team page under ‘Competition’ on the club’s website. AAC_Parent_code_conduct_2012