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November 09 Newsletter

November 20th, 2009 by Suzanne


VICKY SILK - CONGRATULATIONS to Vicky who has been included on the World Class Performance Programme (WCPP) list of athletes. This means she will now receive UKA funding for 2009-2012. AAC now have two WCPP athletes – Vicky and Lisa Dobriskey. Well done Vicky.

Sportswoman of the Year - Congratulations to Kara Gibbs who was awarded Thanet’s Sportswoman of the Year. Kara is ranked 17th in the Under 20s in the country after several times recording a personal best of 3m. Well done Kara.

Website - The latest update to the website are the coaches’ profiles. If you want to learn more about your coach, then click on the link under the coaches’ tag on the website

Coaches/Team Managers Meeting - The meeting on 21st October was very well attended. The meeting began by highlighting all the coaching/Club issues in the last six months – the changeover of Lease to the Council in March; new Chairman and Treasurer appointed; new Club laptops and printer purchased; training in the Dartfish programme; increase in membership; the new induction evenings are successful; we have a new coach – Barry Watson; the new AAC website has been launched and The Baton has also been launched; there are new nets for throws cages at the Stadium. (more…)

October 09 Newsletter

October 27th, 2009 by Suzanne


10K Race – WOW. What a fantastic day we all had on the 11th. The 2009 Givaudan 10k race was a huge success with over 950 registered to race and 833 runners passing through the finish line. The race was opened by Nick Leavey, silver European medal winner for 4x400m, who admitted that he would not be able to run 10k himself but said he had great admiration for all those who were running through the streets of Ashford. (more…)

Autumn 09 Newsletter

October 13th, 2009 by Suzanne


10K Race - Don’t forget to sign up for your entry to the race on Sunday 11th October by going online at If you are able to help out on the day with some marshalling, then please make yourself known to David Jed or to Kate at the desk who will point you in the right direction.

Website – By now you will all have seen the notices at the Stadium announcing the launch of the new website There is lots of useful information and links to other websites. Please let Kate know if you have any comments you wish to pass on, or if you have any photographs that you would like to put onto the site.

Clothing - The Executive Committee approved the purchase of polo shirts and all-weather jackets for coaches. The shirts and jackets will have the name of the Club printed on the front at the breast pocket and Coach will be written on the back of them. This will help parents and athletes to identify the coaches at on our training nights and at meetings and also keep our coaches warm and cosy during the winter training.