Vicky Silk

.Vicky SilkHas been competing since the age of 3 (three) with the Dwarf Athletic Association running and throwing, and has also been a top class swimmer of the Dwarf Association. and won many medals

Since joining Ashford AC at 11 years old (2002) she has only concentrated on Dwarf Athletics taking part in throws only.


The Shot, Javelin and Discus


- In 2002 her distances were 4mt. 20cms. 10mt. 40cm. and 9mt. 30cm.respectively.
- 2007 represented GB -NI in Taipei – China where she won a Bronze Medal at the IWAS World Games. Javelin 16mt.40cm.
- 2008 in Manchester at the Paralympic Team World Cup placed 7th in the Shot with 5mt. 43cm.
- 2009 in Switzerland at the World Juniors Champs. Under 20′s. Placed 1st in Discus and 2nd in Shot
- 2009 In Belfast at the World Dwarf Championships placed 1st in both Discus and Javelin and 2nd in the Shot. Also a Gold Medal playing for the combined GB-NI Football Team against a combined team representing USA – Japan and Germany.
- In August 2007 at the UK Schools Games in Coventry Vicky took Silver Medal for the Shot Putt with a distance of 5mt.27cm. and at the same competition in Bath in 2008 she took a Gold Medal in the Discus with a throw of 16mt.65cm. 

Personal Bests:

Her current records stand at Shot - 6mt.14cm, Javelin – 18mt.91cm, and Discus – 18mt.04cm.

Power of Ten for Vicky