Julie Rose

The Julie Rose Stadium in Ashford is named after the young athlete Julie Rose.

Julie Rose was the first athlete from Ashford Athletic Club to compete for Britain at the age of 17 after dominating her favourite event, the 1500m. Julie had won the English Schools 1500m Championships at all age groups – Junior, Intermediate and Senior. Within four years Julie was also an international representative at Cross Country training.

At that time there were no training facilities in Kent and all training was carried out on the roads. Julie accepted a scholarship to Iowa State University in America but was killed in a plane crash with her team-mates whilst returning from the US National Cross Country Championships.

1978 – English Schools 1500m – 4th – Junior level
1979 – South of England Inter-county Cross Country – 1st – Junior level
1979 – English Schools 1500m – 1st – Junior level
1980 – English Schools 1500m – 4th – Intermediate level
1980 – National Inter-Counties 3000m U17 – 1st in 10min 13 sec – Intermediate level
1981 – English Schools 1500m – 1st – Intermediate level
1981 – Schools International 1500m – 1st – Intermediate level
1981 – Schools International 1500m – 1st in 4min 26.27 sec – Intermediate level
1982 – National Inter-county Cross Country – 1st – Intermediate level
1982 – English Schools 1500m – 1st – Senior
1982 – National Indoor Championships 3000m – 1st – Senior