Jenny Brown

“Having competed in club athletics since 1974 and as a member of Ashford Athletics Club since 1975 I was asked to name a few moments I remember most and that mean most to me in my athletics career and also the worst moments.

Clearly the most memorable to me was in 1994 at my first major masters’ championships – these were the World Masters which were held in the Olympic Stadium in Athens. Here I won the pentathlon in a new world record followed by a new world record in the individual high jum, 1m 72 at the age of 35. The bar was at 1m 72 and myself and Karmen Carg from East Germany (as it was then) had had 2 failures each, Karmen had a 3rd failure and with the crowd in total silence I took my 3rd jump and popped over to the most amazing applause from a packed stadium.

The second most memorable moment was breaking the World Indoor Record for the High Jump at the World Indoor Championships in Claremont Ferrand, France, with a jump of 1m 62 at the age of 48 – this was my comeback after a number of family setbacks.

Thirdly – captaining the Kent Senior team that beat the S.E.A.A team at the opening of the Julie Rose Memorial Stadium and running a lifetime best of 2m 19.1 in the 800m and also breaking the World Masters record in the triple jump with a jump of 11m 49 and clearing 1m 70 – all at the age of 38.

The worst moments for me were when I sprained my back lifting my mother from her wheelchair 2 days before flying out to Brisbane for the World Championships and being told that I could not fly and secondly having made a succesful comeback with a world record in Claremont Ferrand, France, and winning the senior high jump at the KCAA championships I had a car accident in May 2008 which was not my fault but as yet have not been able to resume training.

My aim is to make a comeback at the 2011 European Indoor Championships in Belgium and at 50 I am not finished yet.”

Text provided by Jenny in September 2009.

Power of Ten for Jenny