Need for Speed Results

Over the past four months 111 athletes and coaches from Ashford Athletic Club have been competing in a monthly 30m Sprint challenge called the ‘Need 4 Speed’. The challenge involved athletes and coaches running over a 30m distance from a standing start and timed by a set of electronic timing gates.

In the female challenge the top athlete was U20 Sprinter and Jumper Rachel Hanagan who sped to a time of 4.371 secs, a time which beat many of the male times.

In the mens challenge U20 Sprinter Tom Chambers was top of the rankings with a time of 3.879 secs.

In the Coaches challange Sprints/Jumps Coach Pete Le Rossignol was the fastest male coaches running 4.420s and Fiona Sime won the Female Coaches event with a time of 5.668s.

Seven young athletes that attend the Ashford AC Alligators disability club on a Thursday took part in the challenge and winner of the girls event was Alice Wells with 6.599s and in boys event the winner was Adam Watson who ran 4.928s. 

Well Done to all the athletes and coaches that took part in the challenge lookout for detials of the summer challenge coming up and further challenges next winter!!! 

Finally Thank You to Claire Le Rossignol for compiling all the results and managing the challenge throughout the winter months.

30m Need for Speed Results

Click here for the results by age group.

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